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Contributions to Philanthropy

  • Honored by Hills of Ohio Chapter, Association of Fundraising Professionals, with the initiation of Fuerst Award for Outstanding Community Leader; first awarded November 1996.

  • Founding Member and Past President and Trustee, Hills of Ohio Chapter, Association of Fundraising Professionals.

  • Mentored graduate student at Boston University School of Theatre for his thesis.

  • The Bill Heim Company, at the end of Rita's tenure as President, contributed its records to the Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives. It is located on the campus of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

  • Organized the South Boston Arts and Cultural Center volunteers to incorporate, raise contributions, and respond to the City of Boston’s RFP for the District 6 Police Station.

  • Mentored the Philanthropy and Fundraising Action Group of the Civic Leadership Institute developed and run by
    Boston Cares for two years.

  • Organized the team that lead the effort to introduce a charitable contribution deduction in Massachusetts. It was signed into law in 2000. The legislature overturned it in 2002.

  • Taught at the Management and Community Development Institute at Tufts University.

  • Represented the Lincoln Filene Center at the international meeting of CIVICUS held in the Philippines.

  • Spoke at the invitation-only, National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise inaugural event.

  • Member, Arts & Business Council of New York.

  • Member, Association of Fundraising Professionals.

  • Member, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Massachusetts Chapter.

  • Member, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan.

  • Member, Massachusetts Nonprofit Network.

  • Past Member, Attorney General's Advisory Committee on Public Charities, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Past Chair, Government Relations Committee, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Massachusetts Chapter.

  • Past Director, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Massachusetts Chapter.

  • Past Member of Government Affairs, International Relations, and Membership Committees of
    American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, Inc.

Charity relieves need.
Philanthropy rewards promise.